Cottage Holidays: The Best Way To Escape From Everyday Life

Even if we live in small towns, it is ascertained that our way of living has changed throughout the years. We are always BUSY. We keep RUNNING from one place to the other. Our JOBS absorb much of our time. We become TIRED more easily and that prevents us from enjoying weekends, for example doing trips with our family or friends, because we prefer to rest and spend Sundays lying on the couch rather than going out.

For all these reasons when we are planning a holiday we tend to choose places where we think we will relax and escape from everyday problems and stress. Just the word holiday gives us a sense of relief. But is it true that we need a seaside holiday to achieve this status? NO.

In the recent years, travelers have re-discovered the countryside and its benefits. In choosing a cottage holiday we will put ourselves in a situation which is totally different from the one we live every day and also from the one we would experience during a typical seaside holiday where hotels, beaches, and swimming pools are always crowded. And we are actually escaping from noise and “people”, right?

At first, rural tourism seems that has nothing to offer but vast fields, dirt roads, and insects. Well, cottage holiday
will prove we’re wrong.

Can you imagine the smell of the air and flowers? We will be able to smell the real scent of nature, which we cannot find in cities.

Can you imagine the breathtaking landscapes you will see? Even though landscapes seem to be always the same, they will change every time we will look at them. We will discover new details each time. Moreover, nights will show us an incredible view of stars and constellations, because the sky is not contaminated with the city lights.

Can you imagine how many activities you will do for yourselves? Walking, running, horse riding, biking, cooking, and much more! Either alone or not, they will surely have a great impact on our minds and in our way of living events. We will rediscover the importance of all the little things, which have a huge influence in the inner us.

Many websites offer the opportunity to book your cottage holiday, among these we find Ijendu (, Toprural or Ruralmind.

What are you waiting for? RELAX, BREATHE and LIVE with the cottage holiday you need, you will surely not regret it. Time for ourselves is precious, enjoy and exploit it as much as you can, building memories with the people important to you!