Need Some Extra Money? Offering Parking Lot May Be The Turning Point

People are always looking for new and brilliant ways of earning extra money. A lot are renting a room in their flat, someone has also set a B&B. Despite the high profitability of all these options, they may turn out to have a great impact on the everyday life of a family. But there is another option that may be considered both profitable and not very burdensome. We are talking about garage renting and car park renting. This new type of market has recently started to grow because people are getting tired of constantly paying increasing fees from council car parks. It seems to be easier to get in touch with someone and agree on time and cost.

There are many services that deal with parking on a daily basis, some other services offer car parks for an entire month. The agreement is straightforward: the motorist pays a weekly or monthly fee in exchange of the full use of the garage or of the car park. Of course, the price of different car-parking spaces may vary according to their location. For example, a car park may cost much more if located near popular touristic attractions or in the city center.

Nowadays, new technologies may help us a lot in dealing also with this type of business. You may find many platforms, applications and web sites that allow renters to advertise their car park. On the other hand, motorists looking for a park space for a limited period of time may easily contact renters and check for availability. Moreover, location trackers, comments and a system of feedback will allow motorists to spot the right parking space according to their needs.

Hiring a car park may be the ideal choice for tourists who are traveling by car. In the most common case, a tourist will probably need the park for a couple of weeks and will look for the most strategic location. Looking for a private car park is for sure the most viable option: low fees and right location. This is also true for people who travel for business.

Once you will realize how easy and cheap is to find a car park with this sort of applications you won't waste your time looking for a council car park anymore. You just need a couple of taps on your smart phone. The system turns out extremely flexible and if some problems arise you may decide to talk with the car-park owner and arrange for a solution.

What are you waiting for? Choose the website you need between Ijendu (, Spothero and ParkWhiz and reserve your car place!