Listing safety

A Good Place to Start

Having working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home can make a big difference, yet many homes around the world lack these devices.

Organizations around the world are working to educate and assist home owners around home safety, and we want to help. Through awareness and a few simple tools, we'd like to help you make your home even safer.

We encourage every host to install working smoke & CO detectors in their listing and to check them frequently.

Do you already have these safety items?
Great! If you already have these items, please update your listing. We encourage all hosts to confirm that they have working smoke and CO detectors, clear and accurate safety information, safety kits and other safety items in their listings.

What else can you do to make your space safer for guests?
Every home is different, and you should be sure to consider what your specific listing requires.

These steps below are a good place to start:
1. Meet Regulations
Make sure your property meets government and safety codes for your area.
2. Electrical Safety
Fix any exposed wires. Ensure all appliances and equipment are properly and safely installed.
3. Hazards
Remove any hazards that might cause guests to trip or fall, or mark these areas clearly.

The Home of the Future
Nothing beats basic human consideration, but the simplest technologies can do a lot to help make homes safer. At, we imagine a future where smart homes are wired to protect us, provide comfort, and improve our quality of life. As times and technologies change, know that we'll always be innovating, and finding new ways to help you make your home a welcoming place.