Hotel Vs Villa/Apartment Rental: Which One Can I Choose?

You have certainly planned to go on holidays and have looked for where to stay. Maybe you were thinking about staying in a hotel like you use to do...But what about changing this habit?

The reasons why you choose a hotel are totally reasonable, in fact it provides:
- Special facilities like private swimming pool, spa resort, gym, lift, terrace, playroom, rooftop view, hotel restaurants, hotel bars,
- Specials services: Room services, buffet, Porter valet, 24/24h, cleaning service

OKAY it seems to be the PERFECT THING but

Why not try the vacation rental? It has reasonable prices, it is practical and comfortable…you will be seduced!

Renting means freedom: you will be totally independent, in fact you will decide when you would like to eat and to go out. Furthermore, you will be able to cook meals in a fully-equipped need to bring the furniture :).

A moment of laziness to cook? Take the pleasure to try the restaurants of the town or eat with locals.

You can rent accommodation with special facilities like in hotels such as a spa, swimming pool, garden, terrace, barbecue, garage, and even a lift JUST FOR YOU…. Stop waiting hours for sun loungers and the access to the swimming pool.

The holiday rental gives also the opportunity to rest in a home with a warm atmosphere. In addition to this, you may be involved in the community by being close to locals.

Are you leaving with your beloved ones? Some apartments, villas, and cottages are composed of furniture for baby and children, don’t worry! You must specify it because many options can be featured just for your needs.

You know what? This is cheaper than staying in a hotel! Believe me!

You will have more comfort and you can find it anywhere at any time.

Whether you are a small town or a village, there will be a vacation rental for you. You can find it basically everywhere and anywhere in the world.