Rural Holidays To Spend With Your Family

Holidays are the perfect occasion to spend some time with your family and realize memorable moments.
People generally try to celebrate such moments in places that can give them comfort. In fact they normally leave the city, which it is associated to a stressful way of living most of the time. Such places can be found in the countryside, rural tourism is the best vacation to be chosen for spending holidays and enjoying the home environment. It will give you a sensation of huge freedom.

By rural house, we mean a holiday lodge like chalet or cottage used for residency which has become much familiar in many European countries. The familiar spirit characterizes this houses and it involves its inhabitants, even if they are only temporary.

People, who are on vacations, rent and run rural houses as if it were their own homes.
In these accommodations, they enjoy the freedom to eat there or in restaurants, to stay at home and to enjoy the view from the garden or go out for a walk or bike tour.

Rural tourism has become more popular in these years because of its increase in many areas in Europe, like Spain and Portugal.

There are many reasons to choose rural tourism.

If you are looking for peace and nature, then it is a perfect idea to stay in a cottage.

If you like sport, you will have many different opportunities to practice them and you can choose among:
- Hiking
- Running
- Paddle boat
- Horse riding

Be ready to live beautiful experiences, most of these outdoor activities are suitable for all members of the family and for all the generations.

There are facilities such as walking tracks, beaches, horse riding tracks, rivers for fishing, boating and much more that peace-longing people and couples can enjoy in these holiday cottages.

Generally, there are two ways to rent a rural house. The first one is thanks to word of mouth, which allows you to easily find a cottage without putting any special effort in its research. The second way is the most recent one, there are new services like online booking which will help you to book all you need for your holidays. In some of them, you can find principal services like flight plus accommodation on or accommodation on Airbnb. Furthermore, other online booking websites provide some additional services which might be very useful during a holiday, like car renting, accommodation and the possibility to eat with locals in the same platform like Ijendu (

So now, what are you waiting for? Thanks to all the information, you can find the rural accommodation of your dream and suitable for your whole family.