8 Markets and Bazars all over the world to do shopping

No matter, if you are a local or a tourist, the opportunity to go to the market is not to be missed. On Sundays, Saturdays or even during the week, the market is the best place to meet people, exchange, eat, buy incredible goods. All over the world markets are real attractions. Huge or small, we chose for you 8 inspiring and wonderful markets you should visit from different parts of the world.

1. Turkey: Grand Bazaar Istanbul

This bazaar is the largest covered market in the Middle East and the oldest in the world. Located in the city center, the market is composed of 58 streets and 4 000 shops. The ancient part of the market was built of wood by order of Mehmed II. You will find wonderful and unique pieces with brilliant colors: silverware, carpet, pottery, leather and antique. Make sure to haggle over prices to have good deals.

2. Spain: La Boqueria

Located on La Rambla in Barcelona, La Boqueria or Mercado de Sant José de la Boquería is the oldest market of Spain since the 13th century. It shelters all the products from the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean countries like wines, spices, herbs, cheese, fish, fruits, vegetables, and ham. Its 800 exhibitors fill with incredible colors every corner of the market.

3. Morocco: The souks of Marrakes

From breathtaking spices to oriental goods, the souks are the heartbeat of Marrakesh. Situated in the Medina (old town), the souks are full of labyrinths of handicrafts stands with 2,600 craft persons. You will find typical and traditional Moroccan products and design made by storekeepers and craft persons selling jewels, carpets, leather, pottery, vases, teapots, fabrics, perfumes, Moroccan pastry, body care products (black soap, argan oil, olive oil) and much more.

4. México: Mercado de Artesanías La Ciudadela

Located in the Ciudadela (southwest corner of the historic center of Mexico City), La Ciudadela is one of the most visited artisan markets by locals and tourists. You will find handicrafts from differents part of México. You are invited to this market to see how locals express their creativity through these goods. It has a big selection of Mexican handicrafts likes clothes, jewelry, glass, textiles, alebrijes (folk art sculpture), silverware, sombreros (Mexican traditional hat) and musical instruments.

5. Nigeria: Lekki Market

This market is situated in Lagos, the city of enterprise and business. It offers the largest choice of goods from handmade craft to carved objects. You will find old goods as well as new ones. Take the pleasure to buy some souvenirs from Nigeria. If you are looking for unique goods, this is the place to be.

6. Philippines: Salcedo Saturday Market

Located in Makati, this market is one of the largest weekend markets in the Philippines. You will find from typical food to amazing and unexpected articles like handmade products. You can have the chance to eat food from all around the world and buy artisanal goods.

7. Ivory Coast: KAVA Artisanal Market

Located in the economic capital Abidjan, if you want to buy African souvenirs, this is the right place. You will have the choice between wooden goods like statuette, sculpture, masks, contaminants but also fabrics, jewelry, and painting (wood and glass). The artisans are mainly locals but they come also from Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali.

8. Senegal: Marché HLM

This is THE market of fabrics of the Senegalese capital Dakar. If you want to have a tailored dress or shirt, this is the right place because in every stand there is a sewing machine. Make your choice between cotton, guipure, lace, natural, the tailor will satisfy your needs and can also mix the fabrics. You should know that Senegalese design is famous in West Africa. Make sure to "Wakhale" ( the bargain in Wolof) to have a reasonable price for fabrics but also for jewelry.