Why rural holidays are the new frontier for travelers.

When people think about countryside, they normally associate it to old-fashioned way of living, far away from crucial places and people. But these are actually the strong points of rural tourism.

This way of spending the holidays is becoming more and more common among travelers for five main reasons, which I am going to tell in this article.

First of all, the most obvious thing you can enjoy in a rural holiday is the environment: silence, nature and breathtaking landscapes are the keywords characterizing countryside. If you work in the city, surrounded by noise, traffic, people and where everyone is in a rush, you actually beg for peace when you are going on holiday. But, instead of choosing the mainstream holiday in the seaside, why don’t try with a rural one?

Second of all, when you choose a cottage holiday you will escape from routine! No schedule, no alarms, no appointments, no plans. It is YOU who decide what you want to do during the day. You will take the total control on your life, which sometimes you lose while living the everyday life.

Another reason to choose rural tourism is that experiencing peace and silence may work as a sort of yoga session lasting for days. You will have the chance to pay more attention to the inner you, re-discovering what it means to listen to your body and to your mind.

If you are a food lover like me, going to the countryside will make you taste the food’s real flavors. In fact, you can buy it directly form the producer and you will see and feel the difference immediately as you eat it, because it didn’t undergo any treatment process.

Finally, the activities you can experience in the countryside are much more than you expect, for example: walking, cycling, horse riding, watching wildlife and birds, fishing, look at the stars and many more.

Platforms like Ijendu (http://ijendu.com/), Ruralmind and Toprural understand the potential of rural tourism, which makes the travelers as well as the people living in the countryside better off. In fact, travelers can enjoy all the positive aspects explained above and locals can show how much countryside has to offer.

Enjoy rural tourism, enjoy a unique way of spending a holiday.