Last minute holidays: what should I put in my suitcase?

Doing your suitcase can be annoying. You book a last-minute holiday and you are in a hurry.
To make sure not to forget something, here you will find all the essentials to put in your suitcase. Thanks to them, you will be prepared to have fun, so RELAX…

Firstly, make sure to check all the essential travel documents (up to date) that you may need:
- Visa
- Passport
- Identity card

In addition to this, you may need to bring with you:
- European Health Insurance Card
- Certificate of vaccination

Make a list of what is absolutely needed and what is secondary, and be realistic with the limits of your suitcase.

As a second step, you put everything you have in your wardrobe in your bed. No worries, just make sure to bring clothes according to the climate:
Hats Scarves
Clothes with materials Gloves
like cotton, linen, silk Sunglasses
Sunglasses Boots
Swimwear Socks
Solar cream Cap
Water spray Coat

Do you wish to leave with a peaceful mind? If you are allergic don’t forget your medications. Bring also with you a first aid kit:
- Dressings
- Bandages
- Ribbon
- Pills against cold and flu
- Pills against travel sickness
- Tweezers

Be very careful because you cannot only cure all the diseases with your first aid kit. If you are going to a tropical destination. You must take a mosquito repellant.

You may want to take selfies and fill your Instagram account with photos of your adventure. For this reason, don’t forget your camera and your smartphone to make memories. Bring your charger and memory cards.

And finally: ENJOY IT...

Do you see? It is simple, right?
Don’t panic, make sure to organize your list with all the essentials.
Everything will be fine.