Internship Marketing and Business Assistant in Barcelona


Experience working as a Marketing and Business Assistant in Barcelona through an internship program offered by Ijendu.

Your main duty will be working with the Project leader and the team in a dynamic and friendly environment to help with project’s marketing plan and perform/share some of the administrative work. You will help with:

- management of Hootsuite with the purpose of achieving followers and getting users to sign up and request services
- management of newsletters
- management of Adwords/Facebook/LinkedIn Campaign
- management of Google Analytics
- social media communications
- track and collect statistic data
- potential users prospecting
- analyzing potential customer groups
- responding to users inquiries
- investigating users needs

Administration work may include following up with project stakeholders, answering calls, filing documents and sharing some other general office duties.


1. You will be mentored by the founder of the business (experienced professional with background in IT development, programing, tourism and life in general), with regular meetings to discuss progress against the plan and new learning goals.

2. You will learn new skills and have an exposure to various sectors including advertising, tourism, investments, technology and software development.

3. It will be an enjoyable learning and working experience.

4. All the advantages a start up has in terms of flexibility: both on time and space.

5. The whole team is build up with young people with fresh ideas, interesting work to be done that are vacation related, so travel is compulsory.

Program Duration

3-6 Month, Summer, 7-12 Month


Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, Trimester, Spring Break, May Term, Throughout the year, Academic Year


- Good communication and interpersonal skills
- Good operational command of spoken and written English and Spanish
- Experience using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- Good organizational skills and “can do” attitude
- Highly responsible and has skills/ experience of meeting deadlines
- Passionate to constantly learn and develop
- Friendly
- Team player
- Understanding brand and advertising is a plus.

Intern Types

Call Center
Marketing, Advertising, & PR