PHP /Drupal Developer Internship in Barcelona


Intern as a PHP / Drupal Developer in Barcelona. You will be working directly with our developers and project manager. From day one you will be working on key tasks to the development cycle. We do not expect any previous experience of Drupal; we’ve built a huge amount of knowledge ourselves that we’re very happy to share!

Your day-to-day activities will usually consist of customizing Drupal through the creation of modules and template files. Tasks will range from integrating third-party APIs, to analyzing and optimizing site speed, to assisting frontend developers with our responsive builds.


1. You will be mentored by the founder of the business (experienced professional with background in IT development, programing, tourism and life in general), with regular meetings to discuss progress against the plan and new learning goals.

2. You will learn new skills and have an exposure to various sectors including advertising, tourism, investments, technology and software development.

3. It will be an enjoyable learning and working experience.

4. All the advantages a start up has in terms of flexibility: both on time and space.

5. The whole team is build up with young people with fresh ideas, interesting work to be done that are vacation related, so travel is compulsory.
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Program Duration

3-6 Month, 7-12 Month, Summer

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, Trimester, Spring Break, May Term, Throughout the year, Academic Year
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General Requirements:
- Confident in building enterprise-level PHP applications
- Worked with MySQL on a non-trivial level
- Expert knowledge of HTML and CSS
- Some knowledge of bootstrap
- Exercise understanding of Object-Oriented JavaScript
- Ability to use SVN or GIT
- Comfortable with linux
- Knowledge of Apache, Nginx, MySQL servers
Desirable Skills:
- Drupal module and theme development and experience working on eCommerce system
- Familiarity with Agile development practices
- Memcache, APC, Apache Solr

Minimum Education

Intern Types

Computer Science
Information Systems
Web Design


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